Working together - I believe it’s essential to build long-lasting relationships with my clients.

That’s why I concentrate on one client at a time and only work with clients face-to-face.

Marketing strategy tailored to your business

Not all marketing consultancies understand small businesses like I do. I work in partnership with you, so you’re always in control. Do be prepared for probing questions because I’ll want to find out how you run your company, how you get business, and most importantly who your clients are.

Once I’ve gathered together and analysed all that information, I’ll be able to pinpoint what your existing clients and target market want or need. Then I can help you plan and market to them more effectively.

The marketing strategy and materials we develop will have very clear objectives: to retain existing clients and win new ones, sell products and services, and to outshine your competition of course!

Maximum value for money

I know how tight budgets can be. My job is to give you advice that will bring good return for minimum outlay. My services are available standalone or as a complete package – which is especially useful for start-up businesses.

Expect a thorough approach

Everything I do is backed up with evidence-based research, which includes reports such as an in-depth Google analytics review of your website. This helps me understand the traffic sources together with the demographics of the people visiting your site. I’ll also be able to spot where any gaps might be.

When appropriate I use a team of testers to get feedback on proposed marketing material, including your website. It’s a good way to gauge what people like and what turns them off, what they understand from the messaging, and ultimately of course, if they would buy your products or services.

Their feedback will help us identify the key messages we need to go out with.

Connecting you with my network

Our relationship doesn’t end once I’ve helped you develop and implement your marketing plan. My extensive network, in a broad range of sectors, is completely open to you.

I love putting people together and making introductions whether it’s to get you the best suppliers or to help you form profitable collaborations.


Alison Davey

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I had no idea how to market myself when I set up my business. Alison Davey gave me her time, her advice and her experience, not just when I first consulted her but thereafter whenever I needed her help. As a sole trader, I felt supported and gained confidence in the business of both marketing and networking. I would recommend anyone starting up their own business to consult Alison - she'll get you off to a flying start.


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