My broad career path has given me a solid business grounding – specifically in marketing.

I started my career in a small fibre optics company before moving on to different sized companies in the airline, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors, followed by a period of freelancing.

Over the years I realised that many small business owners were missing out on valuable marketing expertise, which made it difficult for the businesses to grow.  I set up Real Eyes Marketing in 2006 to offer that expertise to small businesses, tailored to individual needs, at an affordable price and without retainers.

Since then I’ve helped small businesses across a broad range of sectors to develop products and services, and market them effectively to their target audiences.

Adaptable and precise

Although I have experience in specific sectors, I’m very adaptable and will quickly grasp what you and your business is about.  Once I understand that I’ll identify what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be. And don’t worry if you don’t know where that is because I’ll help you find the right direction and the routes to get you there.

Finding your place in the digital world

My business and marketing expertise includes an in-depth understanding of online opportunities, so I can get the most out of what the digital world offers to each business I work with. 

No risky business!

I’ve always been pretty risk adverse – both in my own small business and with my clients. That guarantees you a safe pair of hands (to go with that real pair of eyes!).

Qualifications - the important paper bit!

London Chamber of Commerce Marketing Certificate

London Chamber of Commerce Marketing Diploma

BSc Psychology (2009)

Loving where I live

I’m passionate about the community in which I live and contribute whatever I can to ensure its identity, vibrancy and future. Because after all, a thriving high street and successful commercial and home businesses create a great place for us to live, work and do business together.

I was a founder member of a business community which was set up to connect the wealth of business talent and expertise in the town, support existing and new companies, and to generate introductions and leads between members. 






Alison Davey

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Alison took my web content and vastly improved it by accentuating key areas such as professionalism, client service and industry-knowledge. She was able to cast an outsider's eye on what is predominantly a technically-based business and help realise the main benefits to the potential customer. In this way, she helped shape not only the content but the site itself as the design then seamlessly evolved to embrace the words so that a unified look and feel was established. Alison helps realise the potential in both you and your business through providing advice and guidance in all aspects of marketing. Real Eyes, a real find, and a major ally in helping to establish your place in the market.


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